Vapes and Rock’n’Roll: More of the Celebrity Electronic Cigarette Users

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  2. June 26, 2012 9:05 am

Vapes and Rock’n'Roll: More of the Celebrity Electronic Cigarette Users

Electronic Cigarettes Celebrity SmokersElectronic cigarettes are increasingly coming into celebrity circles this year.

Co-star Emmanuelle Chriqui on HBO’s has a hard time quitting smoking, so she decided to vape South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes, and all other cast members followed her footsteps. At least for the public…

Speaking of the public, John Cusack, The Raven‘s Edgar Allen Poe, said that he quit regular cigarettes a long time ago, but he likes to smoke electronic cigarettes in restaurants.

Rock’n'Roll also takes its toll, so Eddie Van Halen the guitarists and Rolling Stones’ Ron Wood both have taken to electronic cigarettes.

While the 64 year old Wood seems so indestructible and preemptively switched to electronic cigarettes, the insanely energetic and younger Van Halen was diagnosed with bad throat cancer and he had his tissue removed from his tongue.

There are as many reasons to switch from regular tobacco cigarettes to vapor electronic cigarettes as there are as many celebrities, just be smart and don’t wait for the worst and wrongest reason switch.

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